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What do we supply?

International trade and marketing services for companies of all sizes and sectors.



  • Through our services, companies get positive results because they invest in the global market looking for opportunities wherever they arise and especially where they are multiple.
  • We turn to the company with actions functional to the development, with purchases, sales and marketing, with the aim of achieving the maximum business, economic and image result.
  • Through our experience in the field of communication, we indicate the most effective strategy through personalized tools aimed at achieving the maximum result.
  • Corporate internationalization increases opportunities and risks, and requires the need to rely on the experience of an experienced, reliable partner and detailed analysis.
  • We prioritize services such as the safety of your home, family, business, such as the collection, storage and disposal of electrical and electronic equipment.
  • Our group relies on the support of established operators and partners, because in the digital age human value is still primary and it is effective to act through good collaborators.



Entering the market always requires a good consultative analysis with specific planning by objectives.



Meeting to understand the real needs, the reference markets, the objectives and agree on the following phases.

Preparation of a strategic action plan, with subsequent monitoring of developments with periodic reports.

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Why we

We know what determines a company’s success and what skills are needed to get there.